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15 janvier 2009 4 15 /01 /janvier /2009 22:45

Inland Empire  

"This whole world's wild at heart and weird on top"

Sailor & Lula - Wild at Heart

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Wamiz 15/05/2009 17:21

I saw herHer skin was dull

D&D 16/05/2009 06:01

Then we have to wait for the angel to come...

Wamiz 10/05/2009 18:40

I'm in. Since when, I can't tell. Minutes, hours, days ? Everybody's there.I don't like bats.

D&D 12/05/2009 03:59

I believe it's going to be okay. You'll meet the queen of beauty. You'll meet Laura.

Wamiz 07/05/2009 14:06

I think I'm approaching the Black Lodge.Unless it's le White Lodge...I'm not affraid

D&D 08/05/2009 02:07

Can you see a red curtain in the moonlight ?

Intrus (I'm such a joker sometimes)  : ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight ?

Wamiz 06/05/2009 11:11

Kinda sycamore trees ?

D&D 07/05/2009 02:03

And I'll see you in the branches that blow ;-)

Wamiz 04/05/2009 12:19

I wanna play with, I wanna burn from the inside.Do you think I will find him at One eyed Jacks ?

D&D 05/05/2009 04:03

Damn good idea !

Or you can try near the sound of swaing wood...


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